About Us

Over The Moon Mag, brings you the news.  Whether it is breaking news, happening now, or the weird news from all over the world, or an update on last week’s news, we will bring it to you.  We will deliver on your doorstep, in your post box, and even in your lounge, at your desk or via cell phone.

The beginning, or history, of spreading news, started with returning merchants, sailors and other visitors, which brought news with them from wherever they went.  Word of mouth, talking with others, was the primary source of news.  This information, news, often was written down by scribes.


Other pedlars and travellers, heard this news and took it with them where they were going, telling the same to more people, who told others.  And this was what telling the news consisted of before writing, printing and broadcast media were invented.  And now we also have Digital and Online news media.

The purpose of news never actually changed.  The purpose always was to make people aware of things that are happening, near them, and also from afar.  Informing them about important changes in governments, promoting awareness for health, giving advertising for upcoming events, celebrations, and so much more.

Well, whichever way you prefer to keep up to date with news happenings and events, we will deliver.