What Is Journalism? What Purpose Does Journalism Fulfil? Is Journalism Not Just Another Kind Of Communication?

Journalism is the investigation of events, new trends, fresh fashions, big and small issues, everything news-worthy, and then compiling the information gathered into a readable piece to be printed or broadcast.

There are different types of journalism that cater to different types of news.  Many journalists specialise in a certain area of news.  The only things that stay the same throughout are the fact that journalism is the gathering of information, the research and investigating of gathered information, and mostly to get to it before any other news organisation can publish or broadcast it.

What is the Purpose of Journalism?

  1. It Informs; journalism is the gathering of information about everything and all else and provides that information to the public via different media types.
  2. It educates; reporting on things happening throughout the world in different cultures and how each culture handles their situations and daily lives.
  3. It enlightens; through educating and informing, journalism brings people of different cultures together with more understanding.
  4. It promotes people’s rights; through spreading the correct information and helping people to notice what is right, or what might be going wrong in society.
  5. It provides coverage of events that might have gone unnoticed; bringing information from places and people and events that could have been missed.
  6. It entertains; with knowledge and information about a variety of things, good and bad, they keep the general public in the know.

Is Journalism just Another Kind of Communication?

Journalism is a kind of communication.  It communicates information and facts about important things happening in people’s daily lives.  It does not matter what media it uses, journalism is sending out a big message containing lots of things everybody needs to know.

  1. It communicates current events; giving dates, venues and times, and what can be expected at an event.
  2. It communicates verified information; that will enable persons to make better choices and decisions about what to eat, and wear, where to shop and what to shop.

Journalism is a practice that gathers all kinds of information in lots of places.  Before publishing, printing or broadcasting they make sure that the information is correct and the truth.

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