How To Remove Wine Stains From A Mattress?

Mattress hygiene is important and therefore requires regular cleaning. Due to our lifestyles, several types of stains including; sweating, blood, food, and drinks normally get on the mattress.

Some of these stains are very stubborn to remove and it is therefore important to know how to remove them just in case you mess with your mattress when enjoying your red wine. The good thing about cleaning stains off the mattress is that you can do it by yourself you do not have to involve professional cleaners.

There are a number of solutions you can use to remove mattress stains. All you need is the right knowledge and right-cleaning agents. With these two things at hand, removing a mattress stain is something you can do by yourself and save a few bucks.

  • Using salt and club soda

One of the most effective against fresh wine stains is the use of salt and club soda. One advantage of this method is its simplicity. In addition, this is how it goes; start by wetting the stain using club soda and gently work it into the fabric.

Once this is done, cover the wet stain with table salt and let it sit for some hours. After a couple of hours, several you will note that the salt has changed its color as it absorbs the stains. If this method does not work for you, try out the other methods.

  • Try soap and water

Cleaning mattress stain can sometimes become overwhelming because every bit of moisture that gets into the mattress must be removed. So the sooner you get to the stain the better chance you have of saving your mattress or best memory foam mattress topper.

The best approach here is to dab the wet stain with a dry towel to remove the moisture. After sucking most moisture, you can dry the mattress in the hot sun.

  • Try borax

Borax has for long been used to clean stubborn stains. Just mix borax and water to make boric acid paste and spread it over the stain while working into the fabric.  Allow it to sit for an hour for the paste to dry and then brush the dry borax powder and give it a look.

If the stain persists, then it could be a time to try the old method of soap and water to scrub the spot with soap and a little water and then dab it with a dry towel.

  • Bleach

Perhaps you’ve heard this before that desperate times call for desperate measures. In a like manner, stubborn stains call for desperate solutions and bleach is one them. One of the most effective but a weaker bleach is hydrogen peroxide.

A word of caution is this; ‘bleach is a caustic material and requires great care in its use and handling’.  Bring some towels that you will not mind becoming bleached. Then spray the stain with the bleach and scrub it a little.

Then dab the stained area with a wet towel and then a dry towel to remove the bleach. There are other alternatives solutions for removing stains such use of lemon juice and enzymatic cleaners. You may want to consider.


Do not sleep on a stained mattress while you can remove the stains by yourself at home. Any of the methods highlighted above will lodge out wine stains from your mattress. However, if one method fails to give the desired results, it is important to try another option.

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